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ZetaTalk: Right Religion
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The major religions of mankind, now and throughout the history of mankind, have almost invariably fostered an impression of selectivity - a theme that those holding to the beliefs taught, or those strictly adhering to the practices required, will be selected for special treatment both before and after death. Of course this is entirely false, and purported only to secure and hold adherents. Christians are told that a few words spoken by a member of the religious elite, along with a sprinkling of water blessed by these same religious elite, is the ticket to heaven. We are speaking here of baptism. Absence of these steps damns non-Christians to hell. What nonsense. Does the entity not earn their future path by the steps taken? Whom does such a belief benefit? Look to this to understand why this falsehood is promulgated. Those most insistent on holding out false hopes of an easy road in the future are those who benefit most directly from widespread belief - the religious elite, who in most cases are charging for their services.

Just so, throughout history, religious elites have required that their enemies be persecuted and eliminated, their bed be feathered, their followers submit to sexual advances, and their coffers be filled - all in the name of a glorious future for the faithful followers.

There is no right or wrong religion, only ignorant or enlightened practices.

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