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ZetaTalk: Slower Pace

Written January 22, 2011

Do all forcasts the Zetas make have to be 100% accurate. After all, they use historic records, measurements, observations and calculations in order to make their forecasts. Not all that much different from that we humans do, for our forecasts. Only they have very much better science, computers and intelligence than we do. We should not expect them to be God Incarnate. I have great sympathy for them in what they are trying to do for us. They must feel very misunderstood and attacked by narrow minded humans. [and from another] If Zeta's science is not exact in predicting the timing of the events, then the sequence of events and the underlying factors facilitating the world change are what matters in the prediction. However people are educated to see reported facts and results other than underlying factors, Can Zeta comment on this lesson of changing mindset? [and from another] As the Council of the Worlds mandates that an Element of Doubt must remain, I assume that this applies to the members of this Ning and maybe to even your own awareness. Thus I'm surmising that their predictions regarding 7 of 10 that all members seem to be "waiting to exhale" to happen are part of the process of this Element of Doubt. I personally have no doubts about what will happen just the sequence and timing but the Poleshift will occur absolutely.

Does the need to maintain an Element of Doubt during the awakening process interfere with our prediction accuracy? No, as the Element of Doubt is maintained because the establishment will always engineer some excuse for any Earth changes, trying to negate the impact of our predictions. If NASA says one thing and Nancy says another, who is to be believed? Those who have a need to negate our words, those who do not have the personal courage to face the coming Earth changes and the fact that man is not alone as an intelligent species in the Universe, will cling to NASA's explanations. We have emphasized the sequence, the steps in the process because this is certain. We have detailed the last weeks, the pole shift itself, and are confident in our analysis.

The exact timing is another matter as many factors can cause an acceleration or a delay. We stated with certainty that the 7 of 10 scenarios would arrive by the end of 2010 because we knew the Earth plates were already in a precarious position, just waiting for the nudge. We also knew the process, with a tipping Indo-Australian Plate freeing the plate tongue holding Indonesia, would be the first step. The flooding in Queensland, from the tipping plate, and the simultaneous start of sinking along the southern border of Java, showed this did occur. Why has our timing been off on the length of time it would take for the sinking to complete? Because, as Nancy has pointed out in her newsletters the plates are undulating. This has delayed the process, as when the Indo-Australian Plate tips up below Sumatra and Java, sinking occurs, the tongue sliding under the curve, but when it drops again due to undulation, the sinking process is slowed. This does not change the eventual outcome.

How did we miss this, that undulation might occur? Undulation is like a vibration, a swinging back and forth, and once it starts it tends to continue until resistance, friction, brings it to a stop. One reason that all alien groups, all spirits in contact with mankind, and all valid prophets are restricted from giving the date of the pole shift is due to the inexact nature of any prediction. The factors that need to be taken into consideration are not in the dozens or hundreds of even the thousands. They are in the millions. If you were to predict when and where a tornado might hit during atmospheric turmoil you need only take into consideration a dozen factors. Planets on the move, clashing magnetic fields, the momentum that results, roiling magma, the magma rivers under plates that change their tilt, and elements not even taken into consideration which might suddenly make an appearance - all of this is involved. So we are not perfect, but the process, the eventual outcome, is predictable and certain.

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