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ZetaTalk: Java Coastline

Written January 22, 2011

A youtube video from a commercial plane dated Jan11/11 apparently somewhere over Indonesia shows vast areas of farmland flooded and evidently from the ocean as the shoreline appears to be greatly encroached. Looks very much like land sinking and I've never seen a video like this before with the ocean responsible for the flooding except in tsunami cases.
As the Zeta's say the rapid loss of elevation of the tongue has not yet occurred but is going through an iterative and progressive process and will happen soon. I expect the great part of the movement for S. America is pending on the drop of the Indonesia plate tongue. I have a number of friends and family either travelling to S. America or to central America now and in the near future and I have concern for their safety. As the Zeta's were significantly precise for the start of the first step of the 7/10 although admittedly not perfect for the completion part, are they willing to give a re-estimate time for the expected rapid loss of elevation in Indonesia so many are nervously waiting for? (presuming this drop has not yet occurred before new ZT Jan 23)

Where news reports can clang the insistant message that the flooding is coming from rain causing rivers to overflow their banks, this video clangs the truth far louder. The flooded land is open to the sea, and the Java Sea stands at the same level. Only sinking, or a recent and slow draining tsunami, would create such a visual effect. If a tsunami was the cause, then where are the reports of this? The degree of elevation loss can also be calculated from this video. The approach is from the east, in a plane landing in Jakarta. The companion video, titled "landing in Jakarta" has the same crying baby and even shows the airline insignia on the wing tip. As is clearly identified in the companion video, a major freeway or toll road is flooded on both sides, showing how far the inundation has progressed in Jakarta itself. Only those who have taken the route of denying it all would fail to be impressed by this evidence, notably made available by a private citizen who questions the establishment explanation for the flooding.

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