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ZetaTalk: 8 of 10

Written May 29, 2010

Could Zeta explain what this new crop circle created in Wilton Windmill, nr Wilton, Wiltshire means?

Upon examining this crop circle, one will find that the 12 sections never have a line-notch that matches a line-notch on another section. There is no continuity, from one section to another, in these notches. What do the 12 sections represent, and what do the notches represent? Since the Gregorian calendar is universal, we confirm that it is months. The notches represent significant seismic activity, or plate movement. This tends to get hot in one area, and then the stage moves to another area. We are not yet at the point, as will be the case certainly during the pole shift and may be the case during an 8 of 10, where significant plate movement in one area does not start and stop, but just keeps going. Rock fingers are still holding the plates in their current positions, in the main, so there is some movement and then a halt as new catch points take hold. As to whether this crop circle, showing 12 month slices, indicates we have a year of this type of halting plate movement to anticipate, realize that this circle could represent months past, or even a year of past activity. We are certain that there will be a flurry of analysis, thus, on just what pie slice is what month, and just what notch is what earthquake or stretch zone movement. But we predict that no timeline clues will be able to be discerned with certainty from this crop circle.

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