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ZetaTalk: Reaction

Written September 18, 2010

When France and many other countries will be flooded by the Atlantic tsunami well before the PS itself, it will create a great chaos. Nations will be decimated because coasts are very populous, and state structures will fall. What will be the reaction of the French government for example, as France will be one of the most important victims of this cruel event? Will governments around the world declare martial laws or travel restrictions? If yes, must we move before this event to safe places, wait for the tsunami itself, or for other great signs?

The countries of Europe will react to the European tsunami based on their culture and their ability to react to the catastrophe. What will be almost a universal reaction will be to close borders against refuges from other countries and to restrict social services severely. This approach will be possible because most residents in areas afflicted by the tsunami will be washed out to sea, along with all their belongings. The tsunami will leave a fringe of recoverable disaster where the lip of water drops, but where the tsunami is highest, scoured clean. In some cases there will be great confusion about citizenship. Citizens of devastated Denmark will wash up on the shores of Sweden and Germany, which will likewise have its own drowning citizens. Temporarily, they will have a home. Hosting countries will already have gotten strict about immigration, reversing trends and sending what will by now have become unwanted guests home. This will be true of France, Germany, and the UK.

What should be recognized is that by the time the tsunami hits, there will have been so much devastation around the world that each government will be in shock. The first thought is not how to open their borders and relieve suffering but how to meet their obligations to their citizens. Nations, such as Russia, are already stopping their exports when crop shortages hit. The lack of food stores to feed citizens is already a well kept secret for many governments, and taking in refugees only exacerbates the situation. There will be few offers, well publicized for the public relations value, but mostly there will be silence. Some countries, such as in the UK where vast swaths of land will be scoured clean, will see this as a mixed blessing, from a government standpoint. Yes, they have lost citizen and tax base, but they have also lost pensioners, the injured demanding public health care, and mouths to be fed!

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