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ZetaTalk: Wash Inland

Written August 21, 2010

Guadalajara Mexico, and Brandenburgo Germany. Is this a light show or a battle or teleporting in progress in the UFOS Emitting ray lights video in Mexico?

As man is well aware, a blinking or pulsing light gets more attention. The times are coming closer when major Earth changes, such as the European tsunami, will be upon mankind, and those making UFO displays are trying to get more pointed, so to speak, in their warnings. This is what these two UFO displays, a world apart, have in common. So do they have a common message? The YouTube on Guadalajara's display mentioned that at one point the light pointed to a ravine. Guadalajara is positioned such that tidal bore from the Pacific would reach this mountain city, despite its elevation. Water will reach the streets of Guadalajara, to the astonishment of its citizens. Likewise for the Brandenburg, Germany display. This city, east of Hanover on the juncture of the Midland Canal and the Elbe River, will find itself awash during the European tsunami despite being 100 miles from the Baltic Sea and twice as far from the North Sea. Both the Elbe River and the cannal will deliver the force of water to Brandenburg, where they will clash and roil. This part of Germany should not be complacent!

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