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ZetaTalk: How Far Inland

Written April 4, 2010

When the tsunami hits Ireland and the UK, approx what speed will it hit the coast line at, and approx how far in land will the tsunami go as Ireland and the UK will be the first and I am assuming worst hit?

We have stated that the tsunami that will hit Europe will be from 200-300 feet high at its worst. If the pole shift tidal waves are estimated to strike the coastlines 500-600 feet high, but diminish to 200 feet inland by 100 miles, then assume approximately half this distance and height for the tsunami. Where the tidal waves during the pole shift are essentially the ocean on the move, like a normal tide but with more of a volume of water, a tsunami moves differently as it is a wave in an otherwise quiescent ocean. Thus, tsunami build suddenly at the coastline, and rush inland at wave speed. Assume the same for this tsunami as for all others of record, which man has in its historical records.

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