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ZetaTalk: How to Warn

Written August 14, 2010

My question is in relation to the European Tsunami. I would to be able to warn many people about this but know this is not possible but I would like to try and save some people I know. There is no point in warning them now as they will think I'm crazy, but at least when the New Madrid snaps I can make something up, for e.g. tell them that my Geogolgist friend has phoned me and warned me about this earthquake and the effect it will have causing a tsunami and the government are not planning to inform people or make up some bullshit story to get them away from the coast, I'd come up with something. When the New Madrid fault lines snaps and widens the Atlantic, how many hours later with the tsunami hit Ireland, the UK and Europe? It will be impossible to warn everyone but at least if I can get the people I know 50 miles inland before it hits then this may save them as it would only take about an hours drive to get this far inland?

We have stated that the Atlantic Rift will react to a the major adjustment in the New Madrid Fault promptly, within hours, and a tsunami travels within hours to its destination. To gain time, you could effect a white lie, calling them to explain that you heard there is a tsunami warning for the European coastline, but the alert is being delayed for verification or some such. Take care to do this only after the big New Madrid adjustment, following major 8+ quakes in Japan, or you will be accused of crying wolf too often.

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