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ZetaTalk: France

Written October 30, 2010

One thing that I noticed is that no one has asked about the effects of the tsunami on France. If the poleshift wave will race across France to the base of the Alps and given that the tsunami is supposed to half of that, does that mean that the tsunami will reach halfway across France? Anyway, that's my question for the Zetas - exactly how will the tsunami affect France?

The 100 foot tsunami that is anticipated to strike the coast of France will quickly dissipate over the lowlands abutting the Atlantic in France and even those parts of France abutting the English Channel, which likewise will experience a 100 foot tsunami. Where France deals with sloshing from both the Atlantic and Mediterranean during the pole shift, during the European tsunami there is only a flow from one direction to deal with, not a clash of waters. Baring the factor of tidal bore, which for the coastline of France is not a consideration, tsunami reach should be prorated from the pole shift slosh guidelines. If a 500-600 foot pole shift slosh requires one to be 100 miles inland and 200 feet up, then a tsunami of 100 feet would be a quarter of this. Those who are 25 miles inland and 50 feet above sea level should find they have avoided the tsunami.

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