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ZetaTalk: Sweden

Written November 6, 2010

In view of the forthcoming European tsunami, I have attempted to estimate the tsunami's impact on the southern part of Sweden to the east of Copenhagen in Denmark whose area is about 10000 km2 and is surrounded by water on three sides. Do not believe that this whole area, which is home to approximately 1 million people, will be directly affected, but certainly more than the western part. Is it reasonable to assume that the wave when it reaches the country is 10-15 meters high? How far inland will the wave reach? Will the wave welling up across the board or only in the ravines and the like?

The approximate 100 foot high tsunami wave that will rush against and over and around Denmark will find little to stop it in Denmark. What will stop this wave as it rushes against Sweden will be the coastline of western Sweden. That portion of the tsunami that finds its way into the Baltic Sea will dissipate. Sweden's lowlands rapidly climb into highlands, so the tsunami will funnel up ravines, reaching as high and as far inland as Lake Vanern.

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