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ZetaTalk: Outcome for Denmark

Written September 18, 2010

Can you say if it´ll be possible for us in Denmark to leave what´s left of the country, once the Tsunami has hit Europe? I plan to head to Norway, and have found a small place between Elverum and Trysil, and it seems that inundation post-shift will reach as far as Elverum. I plan to avoid Oslo, knowing that there are pipes with natural oil and gas in the streets, un-insulaated, as they´ve been made in order to keep sidewalks frost-free. I have some concern that they may blow up and cause Oslo to stop being Oslo. Our "normal escape-routes", thus are ferries from the north of the peninsula of Jylland in Hirtshals for Larvik on Norway´s south coast. From Grenå, also on the peninsula to Varberg in Sweden. Varberg seems to be just south of the safe zone in Sweden. Then we have a sail-route from Rødby, Denmark to northern Germany. (Of course, sofar, we can also sail to England and Scotland, but that doesn´t seem so safe!). The tunnels between Sweden-Denmark and England and France, I don´t even dare think of, though I do. Will we possibly be able to fly out? If you care to expand on this, I´ll be much obliged!

As we have stated, Denmark will be devastated by a 100 foot tall tsunami that will roll over this flat country. Whatever was the case prior to this point in time, escape to other countries has now changed. After the tsunami, escape will be either as someone with assets in another country, perhaps an existing Visa or a second home there, or as a drowning rat hoping for refuge. We have often warned that as the Earth changes increase, travel restrictions may be put into place. One should not assume the freedom to move during the last weeks, and in many parts of the world, one should not assume the freedom to move after major catastrophes have occurred. Emergency teams will respond by putting refugees into tents and treating injuries, but they will not allow the refugees to roam about at will, nor travel without the proper paperwork, and this paperwork includes a welcome from the destination.

A characteristic of humans trying to envision a great catastrophe is that they cannot envision the totality. If we have stated that a 100 foot tall tsunami will "wash over, around, and through almost everything in Denmark" then the likelihood of infrastructure surviving is nill. Bridges require firm footings which can be undercut by the force of immense tides, and sections of these bridges will be simply washed away. Have they been built with 100 foot tall tsunami in mind? To even ponder tunnels from Denmark being functional is fantasy. Ferries require a dock to be in place, and ships will hesitate approaching the remains of Denmark because of underwater dangers that could tear their bottoms out. Where helicopters might land to pluck those not drown from rooftops, normal air traffic is a fantasy. The runways will have trenches where soft soil has washed away and be littered, and the fuel deposits polluted with sea water. Consider the totality of the disaster.

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