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ZetaTalk: Denmark

Written August 14, 2010

In previous chats, the effects of the tsunami on UK and the western parts of Denmark and Norway have been addressed. What about the eastern part of Denmark, i.e. Zealand and Copenhagen, and parts of Sweden and Norway hidden behind Denmark and/or the southern tip of Norway? What will be the tsunami effects, if any, here? With the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, escape from pancake flat Denmark should be easy. How far and high will they need to go to be protected against the tsunami? Should they expect to be able to return to Copenhagen?

Clearly if the 200-300 foot high tsunami striking the west coast of the UK washes through the English Channel thence into the North Sea at a height of 100 feet, Denmark is in trouble. The tsunami will wash over, around, and through almost everything in Denmark as well as the lowlands of Germany which jut out to form a barrier for this tsunami. Rebuilding is unlikely to take place at all.

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