ZetaTalk: Eastern UK

Written August 28, 2010

Just a question regarding the European Tsunami that hasn't been addressed yet. I was wondering if the Zetas could give any information about how they expect the tsunami to affect the east coast of the UK given that it is not in the direct path of the wave. They said last week that the tsunami will still have enough power at 100ft high to wash over the whole of Denmark and the lowlands of Germany so the UK east coast must be affected somehow but I hope not as badly. The UK's west coast has high ground to help people to avoid the 200-300ft wave but I reckon a 100ft wave on the other coast would be much more devastating as (even more so that Denmark I believe) it's mostly flat, low ground. In fact Norfolk contains the lowest point in the UK which is a few metres below sea level.

On July 25, 2007 the people at Stratford on Avon were given a warning via UFO that their region would be subject to tidal bore up the Severn and Avon rivers during the pole shift. Our statement at the time was that the pole shift tide will bore up and into central England, washing over this portion of the island. In that the European tsunami is anticipated to be half the height of the pole shift tides, and washing through the English Channel at a height of 100 feet or more, what can be anticipated at this time for the lowlands of England and the eastern coastline along the channel. Rushing water, under force and moving rapidly, not only floods, it bites. Where the European tsunami might not rush all the way into the lowlands in England's interior it will certainly rush into any lowlands along the eastern seaboard and force up the Thames River to roil London's docks. This will not be a flood, but a scourge, tearing away buildings and docks and all unfortunate to be in its way at the time.

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