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ZetaTalk: Irish Sea

Written September 4, 2010

Could you please comment on the relative safety of the villages of Wanlockhead and Leadhills in the south of Scotland, both of which are at about 1400ft and are indeed the highest villages in Scotland. We understand that our homes on the Isle of Islay and Glasgow are going to be severely subjected to any European Tsunami, and are urging others to seek high ground. But will the high hills still be subject to tidal bore?

Since the brunt of the 200-300 foot high European tsunami will hit western England, with only about 100 feet roaring through the English Channel, what will the effect be on Ireland, Scotland, and Wales? The Irish Sea can expect a strong tsunami also, an estimated 150 feet high and pushing strong. All land directly on the coastline and all land that can be inundated up river or into lowlands will be affected. We have suggested that those who anticipate being affected by the tsunami prorate our guidelines for the pole shift sloshing as a guide to where the tsunami might reach. If one must be 100 miles inland and 200 feet up for a 500-600 foot high tide, then for a 150 foot tsunami, assume one-third of this. Given the narrow islands, being 100 miles from shore is hardly possible, so one must assume being 150 feet high at a minimum, and taking into consideration tidal bore up ravines or rivers, 250 feet would be advised. Such elevation exists in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales but the major cities are in lowlands and will have scant warning before the tsunami hits. Ships at sea, giving warning of the approach, are the best bet for an early warning, and such alert ship captains should be on the lookout from the time of the great New Madrid quake, as this will occur within hours of that quake.

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