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ZetaTalk: Tsunami

Written May 1, 2010

If I haven’t gotten my info mixed up there is prior to the shift going to be a tsunami affecting western Europe caused by the separation of the Atlantic plates. How will it affect Norway, in particular Bodø, where I live? How much warning would I get if this would affect Bodø severely enough to make it necessary to evacuate those I care about earlier than my planned shift bug-out?

Nancy received a holographic presentation last November, 2009 during which various parts of the globe that will be affected by plate movement were detailed. We have ascribed this set of changes to the approximate timeframe of a movement to a 7 of 10 on a scale of disasters, where 10 is the pole shift itself. Among the disasters was a widening of the Atlantic to the extent that water would rush into the void, and then rebound in the direction the Gulf Stream flows today, from the center of the Atlantic toward Europe. We have estimated this tsunami to be 200-300 feet in height, in wave form rather than a tidal wave, and moving at the typical speed that tsunamis move. Unless there is warning from ships at sea, this would be a surprise to Europe. Obviously, the Netherlands would be in serious trouble.

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