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ZetaTalk: Reaction

Written June 6, 2010

On The Zetas have detailed the European Tsunami and how it will affect in particular Ireland and the UK worst. The Zetas have stated that the tsunami will go approx 50 miles inland and people will need to be approx 100 feet above sea level (half the pole shift warnings). Due to the small size of these countries, 50 miles inland is very significant and I am assuming that millions will die and many more be affected but can the Zetas provide any information as to what life will be like in Ireland and the UK for those who manage to survive the tsunami? What will happen to these countries - Both Ireland the UK are wealthy countries used to a high standard of living and very few natural disasters compared to many other countries and are likely ill prepared, will they be flung into economic collapse and chaos? Will supply chains completely break down? How will the government react? And will many people have to start living in survival type situation well before the actual poleshift itself. What will life be like in the aftermarth of the European tsunami?

Long before the last weeks the Earth will be showing its inhabitants a taste of what is coming. It is unimaginable for the populace that Indonesia and the Caribbean would have islands sinking into the sea, or for N America to be pulling at a diagonal followed shortly by a monstrous tsunami rolling toward Europe. This is global, but certainly not Global Warming, nor can it be ascribed to anything coming from the Sun! By the time the tsunami strikes Europe, the world will have seen so much plate movement that no explanation will suffice except the presence of Planet X nearby. Signs in the sky and visibility of the Planet X complex will increase also, so that even media suppression will not suffice to keep the public dumb about the cause of the recent disasters.

We have predicted that the populace will increasingly turn away from the canned answers they are getting from their governments and the media, from the hand picked scientists reading from scripts, and will search the Internet and discuss among themselves to uncover the truth. Just as the Global Warming excuse was thoroughly discredited, NASA's canned answer that all Earth changes are somehow coming from the Sun or some mysterious space energy wave that only they can detect will be discarded. This will leave the establishment to claim the quakes and turmoil and wobbling Earth are something that periodically happens to the Earth, citing history, and pointing perhaps to an erratic and mysterious magnetic field in the solar system. They will not, however, admit the presence of Planet X. To do so would be to admit they had been lying to the public, and they fear the public's rage when this is discovered.

Governments cannot simply close their doors and ignore the homeless, their citizens, so are likely to pass laws to force the homeless to be integrated into communities. Homes with spare bedrooms may be forced to accept roomers, and farms will have more than enough ready hands to help with any harvest. Militias will be used to control rioting and force order, with curfews established. But when there is evidence in the skies that there is a presence nearby which could explain all that has been happening, this will change. Then government officials who were clearly in the know, NASA and those scientists who spouted the approved story line all those years, and any media heads who obviously cooperated during the cover-up will be in hiding. The truth will spread by word of mouth, if by no other means. And those who have survived the 7 of 10 or 8 of 10 cataclysms will sort out into camps, as we have described, of those determined to survive and taking action, and those preferring denial.

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