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ZetaTalk: Florida

Written July 17, 2010

I had a question about the New Madrid adjustment .I know it said Florida would be pulled down slightly in the video and was wondering what kind of damage can be expected in it from the adjustment. Will it be devastating?

Florida will lose 150 feet in elevation overall due to the pole shift, but not more than a couple feet prior to the pole shift itself and only inches prior to the week of stopped rotation. The void in the Atlantic that will cause the European tsunami is not enough to release the grip at the Atlantic Rift that maintains stable support for the plates on either side of the rift. Where the Atlantic Rift will rip to a degree sufficient to create a voide and thus a tsunami headed for Europe, plate support remains, in the main, due to deeper gripping action along the Rift. The void causing the tsunami is a surface crevasse, in essence. The largest impact on Florida will be due to its connections with the Caribbean Plate. When the S American Plate rolls, the Caribbean Plate will be pushed down, primarily where it abuts the S American Plate. But all land that borders the Caribbean Plate will experience at least some loss of sea level as well.

Surprisingly, Florida escapes the devastation of the New Madrid fault line adjustment. As fault line maps show, the New Madrid will rip from Mexico to the Great Lakes, on the west side of the Appalachian Mountains. The New Madrid adjustment is most devastating to land to the west of the Mississippi, which will drop slightly in elevation along the river and slide to the SW. There is a sister fault line that connects with the New Madrid cluster of fault lines in the Gulf, and then runs up along the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains. This reaches all the way to Boston, the reason for church bells ringing in 1811. Florida sits in the center of this fault line complex, relatively untouched. There is a reason that Florida is land, where all about her is water. She sits on a finger of rock that is attached to the Appalachian Mountains, and thus this stability during the New Madrid adjustments.

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