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ZetaTalk: Comms Cables

Written September 4, 2010

Most businesses today are highly dependant on having constant network connectivity for real-time transactions and data transfer. Phone lines and fiber optic cables often use bridges to cross the Mississippi river and therefore are part of the network infrastructure. Will the N American Rip essentially divide America in two, transportation and e-commerce wise?

When our predicted New Madrid adjustment happens, tearing the N American continent at a diagonal from the Great Lakes down to Mexico, more than bridges over the Mississippi will be torn. However, land lines can be quickly re-established when the matter only requires that cable be laid from one side to the other, even with a Mississippi that has been widened by 50 miles below the Illinois border. Those reliant on land lines carried across the Mississippi via bridges will quickly find someone with a cell phone utilizing satellite link, to suffice in the meantime. For those who wish to deny what is coming, any temporary inconvenience will be dismissed. For those taking the Earth changes seriously, this will be considered a walk-up call for those in the area, an example of how quickly their life can be disrupted with delivery of food and supplies suddenly halted and some communication links non-responsive.

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