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ZetaTalk: Continue to Adjust

Written July 3, 2010

Once the New Madrid starts to adjust. Understanding that the major adjustment will happen first, then smaller adjustments can last maybe weeks and months. My question is, "Will the New Madrid keep adjusting up until the Pole Shift?"

What is occurring now in the New Madrid area, and the entire area affected by the bowing of the N American continent, are extremely minor quakes, sinkholes, and buckling pavement and settlings houses. This is equivalent to the stirring of grass as the tiger begins his prowl. Major adjustments such as we have described for the New Madrid region, including a reach all the way to the Great Lakes and New England area and down into Mexico, is the tiger's roar and leap for the kill. In between are times when the tiger is glimpsed moving along the underbrush or dashing across an open field. There will be what many will consider to be the New Madrid quake awaited, but it will only be such a glimpse of what is to come. After the tiger makes its kill, there will also be times when the tiger will roar from the jungle, letting those who might be tempted to steal its kill know that it is still in the vicinity. Aftershocks, equivalent to the quakes that preceded the big one, the kill, will continue certainly until the pole shift and beyond.

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