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ZetaTalk: Plans Being Made

Written June 12, 2010

Do the Zetas and Council of Worlds anticipate that the impending 7-of-10 events will be significant enough to help release more STO people from binding circumstances and trapped mental/emotional states? Many are in relationships with partners who only partially acknowledge what is to come and feel bound by their partner's fear or family obligations. Will the 2010 events assist those who want to help but who have felt hitherto fore unable to commit?

Personal relationships are frequently torn apart when one partner takes the Earth changes seriously and the other is in firm denial. Such divergence does not change until the last weeks, when the one in denial suddenly demands to be taken care of. Hardly the partner the aware one was looking for. To prepare for the pole shift, one frequently has to change locations, change vocations, and make other wrenching life changes. All this is resisted by the partner in denial, so divorce or separation occur. This is further complicated if there are young children involved, or contractual obligations, or the need to remain in a particular location in order to find work or for a child to attend a particular school or receive treatment for a health condition.

Thus, for many, the break comes late, into the last weeks or certainly the last trimester when it is obvious that lingering will be fatal or impact the chance of survival. A father may grab the children and run, presuming the wife could not muster an investigation and bring them back before the pole shift happens. Certainly, during the last weeks, such matters would not get any attention from law enforcement, who will have their hands full and themselves be personally distracted. For those with freedom to act and few legal or eithical responsibilities toward others, the break will come earlier. In fact, the break may come as soon as when one partner realizes what the Earth changes mean, and wants to setup in a safe location without delay. Certainly, for those unencumbered, when a 7 of 10 is reached, the world shocked, this will be an impetus to action.

Written June 19, 2010

How will the "7 out of 10" event this year impact the ability of people to prep for the shift? Will this be the start of "we may not be able to buy the things we want for a price we want to pay" scenario as there will be a run on tools and supplies in the wake of a major wake up call?

Certainly delivery will start to be affected, and many people will be so alarmed that plate movement could occur to that degree, so will be starting to think about their personal safety. But in general the type of supplies that a survivalist want to buy will not be the type of supplies that the general populace will think of buying. A survivalist will want hand tools, off-grid electrical supplies, seed stock, dried or canned food stocks, and perhaps camping equipment. The general populace, finding they cannot get the variety of foods they were accustomed to, will join grocery clubs or make other arrangements to assure themselves of access. If fresh fruit is not available at the grocery store, then they will get this via the Internet and pay a bit more. Electric generators may be purchased in a flurry, as the fact that the grind can go down for an extended period of time will come home to those formerly complacent. But preparing to be off the grid permanently, with windmills or solar panels, will be something those preparing for the pole shift are mainly concerned with. The general populace will think short term, of generators run on petrol fuel.

Likewise with survival camp sites, which those preparing for the pole shift are trying to purchase or populate. Rural areas, without all the conveniences and comforts of city living, are not popular with the general populace, who tend to migrate from rural areas to the big city if only for the job opportunities, if not for dozens of opportunities. The general populace, stunned by the plate movements that bring the stage to a 7 of 10, will be thinking in terms of quake proofing cities and highways, retrofitting and ensuring that collapse cannot happen in the future. This type of talk will be coming from the talking heads representing the governments, as they still will not want to tell the populace the truth. Thus, the general populace won't be thinking of purchasing camping supplies as semi-permanent homes.

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