ZetaTalk: The Canary Islands

Written November 27, 2010

Canary Islands: Between Africa rolling and the Atlantic tsunami what will be the greatest dangers for these islands during the 7 of 10? Is maybe an eruption of Mount Teide (third largest volcano in the world as I read) imminent? I have relatives that live there and knowing them, I have to choose my approach very carefully or risk alienating them.

The Canary Islands lies along the border of the African and Eurasian plates, but these giants will not collide during the forthcoming pole shift nor in the plate movements that occur prior to the pole shift. As we have explained, Africa will drop as it rolls during the 7 of 10 scenarios, thus relieving pressure in the region of the Canary Islands. Thus, except for roiling water which will make the beaches unsafe during Africa's 7 of 10 roll, the Canary Islands will survive the 7 of 10 relatively unscathed. Where much has been made of a volcanic shelf from the La Palma volcano, potentially dropping into the Atlantic and starting a huge tsunami heading toward the East Coast of N America, we have stated otherwise. This will be at most an underwater landslide on the island, creating local tsunami only when it occurs. However, the Canary Islands will not fare well during the forthcoming pole shift. Despite some of the islands having an elevation in the interior over 1,000 feet above sea level, anyone on the islands during the pole shift can expect to be washed away by the colliding and wind-whipped waves.

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