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ZetaTalk: Chess Game

Written January 1, 2011

Your comment on the current '7/10 has arrived' ning: "Africa dropping 125 feet, moving 50 feet further east" Elsewhere the Z's say: "S Africa will find itself similarly 125 miles further south, and westward by about 35 miles." So if i may inquire re the Southern and African portion: Confirm that the Southern tip of Africa will eventually lose about 125 feet. Is this likely sooner now with the 7/10 events - or rather slowly and later e.g. from 8/10 until finally at the shift time? I noted Lagos (Nigeria) and other coastal already reporting some flooding. So with the twist and push of Africa when it rolls "soon" - will the whole African East coast also drop as significantly? (The pivot point of Africa "bending" seems then to be along and up to the rift valley area)

As the top part of Africa tilts to the east, while it drops, S Africa will not strictly find itself 125 miles further south, but a few miles shy of that mark. Yes, this repositioning of the African continent happens during the 7 of 10 scenarios, but we have not yet addressed the speed with which this will unfold. Nor is the time yet at hand for such a revelation. Too many details allow the establishment to formulate a cover-up, as is happening in Indonesia and Australia right now where rain is being blamed for flooding when the real cause is plate adjustments. The sinking of the lower Caribbean Plates comes first and we have not even detailed just what islands and lands will be most affected by that. You must have patience, as revelation of information is a chess game with the cover-up, which is at present alive and well. Africa of course will find its rift increasing, the Red Sea of course will widen at its southern edge, and other stretch areas along its eastern coastline will expand, as would be expected. This is not expected to drop the elevation of east Africa, however.

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