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ZetaTalk: S.America Tsunami

Written July 10, 2010

When part of the Caribbean Plate sinks during one of the 7/8 of 10 events will residents of coastal areas from Venezuela to French Guiana be assaulted by tsumani type waves due to the void created by sinking islands in the (southern) Caribbean? Will South America's Atlantic Coast suffer devastating tsumanis during the events associated with the 7/8 of 10 stage (due to a crumbling Caribbean plate); will there be advance warning of such events? Will the Atlantic coastal areas of South America (Venezuela to the bulge of Brazil) have devastating tsunamis when part of the Caribbean plate crumbles (south Caribbean?) during 7/8 of 10 events? How much forewarning will we have?

Tsunami are generated anytime a plate drops or rises under the sea. When the S American Plate rolls, it will push the Caribbean Plate down, creating a void. The void will primarily be at the southern part of the Caribbean Plate, where islands will suddenly lose elevation, some sinking entirely. This void will pull water from the Caribbean as well as the Atlantic, which would seem to negate the likelihood of a tsunami, but there will be a clash. When the water rushes into the void it is water on the move, with momentum, and this is the tsunami expected along the coastline of Venezuela and its neighbors. This coastline will at first find water receding, but this is a false signal and should not be trusted. The wave will be coming. The islands will have no such warning, but will sink suddenly in concert with the quakes. In that the S American Plate reaches to the center of the Atlantic, the rolling of the S American Plate will seem to have scant impact on those coastlines facing the Atlantic. There will be irregular tides, and certainly earthquakes, but beyond a slight spreading of the Rio Parana river mouth at Buenos Aires, which is ripping apart where the river empties into the Atlantic, there will be little impact.

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