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ZetaTalk: Indonesia Tsunami

Written December 18, 2010

Will Hongkong be attacked by tsunami during the loss of elevation in progress? If yes, is there any first sign of sinking can be noted so that people can head to the hills in time.

Tsunami and eventual sea level loss are not the same thing, although we have predicted a potential tsunami for the Philippines of 40 feet, and this is our estimate for their eventual elevation loss also. The Mentawai Islands and the leading edge of Sumatra and Java will not experience tsunami, though the water rushing inland may clash and boil. If you place a plate in a bathtub, and push it gently down, water will come from all directions onto the plate, but a tsunami wave is not generated. We have stated that a tsunami during the sinking of Indonesia will race north. There will be a clash of this water pouring in from the Bay of Bengal into the South China Sea, which will go in the direction of least resistance. Since the water is coming from the Bay of Bengal, pouring over the lowering plate, it will not push back against this flow. Water from the Pacific will have poured into the South China Sea as it is lowered.

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