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ZetaTalk: Bonin Islands

Written January 8, 2010

Given the recent swarm of quakes in the Bonin Islands (Magnitude 6.4 Bonin Islands, Japan Region, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 21:49:39 UTC) along with those still occurring, should we not be giving more thought to these islands, given their proximity, as being a precusor to the folding of the Marianna Trench? [and from another] They lie above a subduction zone between the Pacific Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate. The Pacific Plate is subducting under the Philippine Sea Plate, which creates an oceanic trench to the east of the islands. Most of the islands have steep shorelines, often with sea cliffs ranging from 50 to 100 metres (160 to 330 ft) in height, but the islands are also fringed with coral reefs and have many beaches. The highest point lies on South Iwo Jima, at 916 metres (3,005 ft).

As with other islands in the Pacific, such as Fiji or the Diaoyu Islands, the small islands along the rising edge of the Mariana Plate or the Philippine Plate will not fare well. There is simply no way to be 100 miles inland for any degree of safety during the tidal sloshing that the pole shift will bring. In those islands that have volcanic mountains, tidal bore will be an issue. Thus, Guam and the Mariana and Bonin Islands are not advised as safe locations. The tipping of the Mariana and Philippine Plates during the 7 of 10 adjustments will cause the eastern coasts on these islands to gain elevation slightly, while their west coasts will lose, commensurately. But during the 7 of 10 adjustments, water will be on the move, seeking its level, and thus could wash over small islands with low elevation. A devastation!

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