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ZetaTalk: Leader's Reaction

Written November 6, 2010

If the 7 of 10 involves Indonesia and surrounding lands, wouldn't a key indicator be the sudden departure of their major leaders and elite? They have some information and are following Zetas as well. They should be in a good position to get out while the getting is good.

How many of the ruling powers in Indonesia, and their wealthy and corporate cronies, are aware of the ZetaTalk prediction on the 7 of 10 scenario to afflict their country by the end of 2010? Few, and of those who have, the prediction has been thrown in the same basket as all other predictions from all other sources. The elite are accustomed to dictating, not listening. The process of denial, whereby the person tends to resist information that would make them feel uncomfortable, is especially strong in the elite, who fear being toppled from their perch. Then there is the arrogance that those in the elite invariably develop during their life, where they are well guarded from the public's rage and any of the hardships that afflict the common man. Their opinion of ZetaTalk, and for their own vulnerability, will change after the 7 of 10 event, as many of their number will die during the turmoil and sudden flooding.

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