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ZetaTalk: Skyscrapers

Written January 22, 2011

In 2002 the zetas talked about imploding cities due to collapse of the infrastructure under skyscrapers but could not give any details on timing. With the 7/10 events in mind, are they able to tell us whether they expect this to occur anywhere? Skyscrapers in cities along the top edge of the South American plate like Caracas and Panama City would seem to be at real risk of this happening but also what about the east and west coast of the US when the Pacific, New Madrid and Atlantic Rift adjust?

Imploding buildings have been occurring, though this is posed in the news in the context of sinkholes or landslides, always caused by recent rains washing soil away and the like. Anytime the ground moves to destabilize a building, it will start to collapse, this side sinking, the walls cracking, etc. For tall buildings in cities to implode requires a more extreme situation. Towns and suburbs and malls are built where there is solid ground but bedrock is not required. Skyscrapers require pylons footed on bedrock. But bedrock will shatter and in particular, tilt during the coming Earth changes. Pylons can also bend or snap. For this to occur, significant moving of the plate must occur. Tearing or pulling apart can occur in the stretch zone, allowing rock strata to sag. Or compression that snaps the rock strata, causing the rock strata to snap and jut upward or jumble and fracture into pieces can occur. Imploding skyscrapers will be among the shocks awaiting the public during the 7 of 10 scenarios, in particular during the Japan quakes and the New Madrid adjustment.

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