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ZetaTalk: 6/10 Progression

Written June 1, 2008:

Where would the Zetas say we are now on the 1 - 10 scale (as had say we'd be around a 6 at the end of the year) with earth changes with the recent earthquakes in China, Japan and all the crazy weather and flooding in the US?

The year has hardly begun! Perhaps a 4 or 4+. And realize that our warning included sociological changes too, like failing economies and crop shortages and homelessness. This too has only just started.

Written November 1, 2008:

As we climb towards a 6 by the end of the year on the Earth changes scale, is it likely the US will soon have it's wake-up call in the form of a geophysical change affecting many and from that point on the Earth changes will be at the forefront of everyone's attention?

Certainly we have had sociological/economic changes because of the Wall Street crash. Many are expecting that a 6 cannot be reached without significant Earth changes such as earthquakes or a serious wobble or perhaps some type of atmospheric changes that point to the presence of another planetary body in the solar system. Just what will occur, we cannot say. It may be one or many of these instances, or something totally unexpected

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