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ZetaTalk: Angry

Written December 18, 2010

It is now December 17, 2010, but it seems that there is no any distinct sign of 7/10 happenning in Indonesia. A lot of people who have ever read the newest Chinese translation of zetatalk have become impatient, and some of them are even scolding zetatalk angrily. Only half month is left currently, I would like to ask the Zetas whether they still have enough confidence to insure the arrival of 7 /10 at the end of 2010? [and from another] How will the 7 of 10 sinking of Indonesia be handled by the media? Is the establishment planning some type of cover-up? I asked Mary a week or so ago about any hunches she had re this period, as she absolutely called the 12/26/2004 quake, 3 months ahead of time. She had the impact, and the region, and the approximate date. She implies a big boost to ZetaTalk in January. Will the world not be shocked by the end of 2010? Your prior ZT carefully separates these two incidences.

The 7 of 10 will unfold but not as expected by many. It will not be a dramatic announcement on the news, as the establishment is ready for this, due to the extensive discussions. This is why Mary the psychic stated that after the first of the year Nancy would be held in greater regard and given credit. As we stated, there would be large quakes when Indonesia sinks but not the major quakes one would expect, not magnitude 8-9. Already there are many periods when quakes line the plate borders, and hammer there. During one such episode, the elevation will start to drop. We have never stated, in our predictions, how fast this would go, just said "suddenly". The start will be sudden, almost without warning, but the progress not swift as in the pole shift hour. It will be a steady sinking, in short bursts, over a 2-3 week period. S America will be right behind Indonesia in this regard, starting its roll. This will start slowly at first, the trend already noted, but the quakes starting to pick up as Indonesia sinks. Thus it will not be before the early part of 2011 before the full impact of the prediction accuracy is noted by the world. Meanwhile, the establishment will try to cover with lots of talk about storm surge, Global Warming, and high tides.

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