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ZetaTalk: Sceptical

Written October 16, 2010

On My question is about the 7 0f 10 . Zetas have said for many times that the 7 0f10 will happen at the end of 2010, many people are eagerly waiting and paying attention to it to find out whether it will actually happen or not at that time. If it does happens, they will totally believe that Zeta's the prediction is accurate, and take it as a basis for their poleshift plans . I know that although many Chinese people who care about 2012 have read ZetaTalk and Zeta's comments about the future events which have been translated into Chinese. But they are still very skeptic about it, and some of them don't believe it at all, because until now the major events that Zetas have predicted don't happen yet (ig, the 7 of 10). I want to ask Zetas if 7 of 10 is sure to happen at the end of 2010 or it is just another "white lie"? If so, I think many people would stay away from the ZetaTalk rather than get closer to it.

If you are nervous, imagine how Nancy feels! She was there during the 2003 white lie, when Planet X so clearly came inbound as we said it would, right on track according to our coordinates and arriving in the evening sky just where we said it would some 7 years earlier. But it did not pass, as the word "passage" implies, nor did the pole shift happen "shortly after May 15, 2003". We did this deliberately to fool the Bush administration, which had stolen the White House in order declare martial law in the US, to negate all future elections there, to plant the US military in the oil rich Middle East and thus own black gold in the Aftertime. None of this happened, in great part due to our white lie which caused Bush to accelerate his agenda and thus stumble. But what would be the advantage of a failure on the 7 of 10 prediction? As you so amply point out, this would devastate those following and putting faith in the ZetaTalk predictions. There would be no gain. Follow what is going on in Asia, to see evidence of the drama soon to occur.

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