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ZetaTalk: Why the Release

Written October 23, 2010

Is there a point when the Zeta's will be able to give a time frame reference between the European tsunami and the start of the severe wobble?

This depends on many factors. Nancy has noted that last spring we were not providing the sequence of events for the 7 of 10. Yet recently we provided the sequence. What changed? It was our sense that our message, via Nancy and good press coverage to be given to ZetaTalk, was going to get a boost! There is a latent effort to promote Nancy in the media, giving our message to a broad audience. It was the Council's sense that this effort was sincere and not likely to falter. One hand washes the other. Coverage in the media would be enhanced by a significant prediction that came true. The public would give the ZetaTalk message more weight, thus, and ponder our predictions rather than dismiss them.

This is not providing information to the elite that the common man does not hold, as our 7 of 10 prediction is available worldwide in a number of formats. It is, rather, encouraging the cover-up to break, by forcing the hand of those, few in number but in powerful positions, who seek to keep the cover-up in place until the last weeks. It is the press of truth from below, from a single citizen and her fans who have been laboring over the years to get our message out, and the press of the world's greatest power broker from above. The cover-up, caught in the middle, will hopefully be crushed.

What will this mean? It will mean that those who want the cover-up to continue will hurl insults at Nancy, and attempt to intimidate those media outlets that are promoting our message. This is nothing new, but will not deflect what is in process. It will mean that the countering cover stories, that all Earth changes are from the Sun or from some mythical galactic center or that Planet X is far out in dark space somewhere will become more shrill. But this will not enhance their rationale, and the glare of the spotlight will just point out the flaws in their logic. In that this process is in the hands of man, we cannot predict where this will lead. The 7 of 10 scenarios are many, and will play out while the 8 of 10 scenarios, as yet not detailed, warm up. All this lies before the last weeks. Time will tell how far disclosure will be allowed to proceed!

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