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ZetaTalk: Denial

Written September 18, 2010

Who are the Zetas referring to when they say at the 7/10 event "We will have your attention"? Dont you already have the full attention of your followers? It implies that there are a number of people out there that for one believe in aliens, two, have seen zetatalk, three, have actually read it, and four, said "Im not so sure about that. If something big happens then maybe I'll pay attention". Or do you mean subconsciously or something?

Even those who listen to our words and take them seriously are not connecting the dots to be able to envision what these disasters will mean. All intelligent creatures use these types of denial techniques, so we are not just criticizing mankind here. If one hears that they can no longer use their car, because the roads will be torn up, they don't register that all distribution of goods will be stopped or trips to the clinic for injuries will be blocked. They imagine the car, sitting idle while the roads are repaired. It does not sink in, that the use of the car will forever be prevented, or that the car may be flipped on its side with no means of righting it, ever, and will rust into uselessness while the tires rot. If we say that travel restrictions will be imposed, they imagine themselves approaching a counter and pleading their case, as is the situation today, or bribing someone, or finding an alternate road to evade checkpoints. That the counter will be closed, and the applicant facing a loaded rifle and told to leave, is not considered. That bridges will be collapsed, rivers above flood tide souring the banks and washing away boats, and side roads filled with looting thieves is not taken into consideration. When the 7 of 10 occurs, these situations, from some part of the globe, will be evident, and hopefully those who are capable of envisioning the pending pole shift will fully "get it" at that time.

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