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ZetaTalk: Anxiety

Written September 18, 2010

Now that we know there will be several "7 of 10-level" events, which may even continue through the "8 of 10-level", and which may stretch out over many months, even years. Is it in fact likely that for many in the cities, we should be preparing to exist for that length of time before the shift itself in our 'safe place'? So that in convincing someone to "head for the hills" following the series of mega-quakes in Japan (speaking now of the folks who will be impacted severely by the New Madrid 'adjustment'), they should have enough supplies to see them through for many months - just 'in case'? I was already aware that there will be a number of smaller EQs leading up to the "7 of 10-level" mega-quake, but without going into asking for a 'date', is it possible that the "7 of 10-level" events could stretch out that long into the future? Some people may now opt not to spend the time and effort preparing a route to safety if they feel they will have to stay at their jobs until they know that the time is close enough at hand they can afford to make the break without jeopardizing putting food on their family's table. The elite will have aircraft at their disposal, so bridges are of little concern to them (in fact it will be a relief to them that the hoi poloi will be trapped in the cities). So there's a very real Catch-22 going on in some quarters, and every little bit of understanding will help in convincing those that are debating with themselves how best to address this dilemna. Obviously it would be best to have a year's worth of food saved up, and to purchase land or re-discover relatives in 'safe areas', but this is for those that aren't that fortunate.

Lately examples of hand wringing have increased. Hand wringing is where the person understands what is about to occur and the limits of what information we can relay to mankind, but is wringing their hands over all this.

Hand wringing includes complaints that we and our Emissary Nancy have not provided undeniable signs of the presence of Planet X, so that skeptical friends can be convinced. Of course, there are signs, including an Earth wobble where the Sun and Moon are out of place, which can be accurately demonstrated! The Moon is way out of place, so far out of place that if traced for a month with a friend, using free planetarium software on the web, that friend would either be in total denial, refusing to see what is before them, or convinced. Here the complaint ignores the fact that most of mankind will deny until the end, and then only harden their denial while going insane over the matter.

Hand wringing also includes the fact that we, the Zetas, as all visitors to Earth at this time, are required to keep the date of the pole shift secret and are not here to rescue mankind. This results in insults, where we or Nancy are told we are hardly Service-to-Other. The facts, that most of mankind today lives in desperate circumstances and are not rescued, falls on deaf ears as those demanding to be rescued do not care about others, just the self whose lifestyle is suddenly threatened by the pending pole shift. That the date must be kept secret, for many reasons, also is challenged, usually by those who see themselves as well enough off to be able to take advantage of such information. Those less able are not considered in this equation.

Hand wringing also includes the decision of just when to leave for a safe location - that awful decision of just when to leave loved ones and a more comfortable setting and bolt for the hills. This of course is an utterly personal matter, with different variables for each individual, and we don't do personal counseling in any case. This is your decision. There are some people who will wait until rotation stoppage before considering an exit from a city, despite all odds. There are others who early made the move to rural areas, forsaking the comfort of an extended family and job opportunities to do so. Those who go early are better situated for the Aftertime, and those who wait to make the dash with a few high calorie bars in their back pack are thinking short term and will suffer the consequences. Even should the date be given, this would not change, as man has free will!

Written September 25, 2011

In responding to someone's concern about how brutally aggressive a particular police district responded to a potentially racially charged situation, I replied that I believe more people than not, regardless whether they don't quite understand why or would even admit to, are operating on extremely short fuses these days. On a scale of 1 to 10 how do the Zetas read the present mass/global consciousness as it relates to anxiety; whether or not the masses know, suspect, deny, or are still [innocently] ignorant [through no fault of their own] of the pending shift? Or how do the Zetas [and/or other visiting entities] break it down? What with the increase of quake and volcanic activity; the fires; massive flooding, record-breaking heat waves; freak unseasonal storms; etc., has it spiked compared to even a year ago? And as we take in all of this info, are there spikes as relates to those in the know as they/we anticipate the 7 of 10 event(s)?

Irritability, a symptom of seething anger, is present when the person cannot address a problem for some reason. A man stuck in a bad marriage, but unable to divorce, will be seething and thus irritable at more than his wife. The world's populace senses something amiss, as we have often mentioned. For some it is the weather extremes, the intractable droughts or horrific floods that are reported worldwide. Why is this happening, they wonder. They are dissatisfied by the explanations given by experts, and for some it seems oddly in compliance with end time predictions.

For some it is noting the bizarre dance that NASA and the Global Warming theorists have gone through. Predictions that the Sun will virtually explode while year after year it remains asleep. Predictions about Global Warming followed by almost devoted compliance with carbon emissions laws by most countries, side by side with the revelation that the data was cherry-picked and the evidence that a warming trend was man-made was never there. For some it is sighting a Second Sun one dawn, or noting the Moon so out of place yet the erratic behavior of the Moon never mentioned on the media, or the the constellations are out of place.

Whatever the reason, the populace senses they are being lied to, and this realization creates anger which has no outlet. Are they to attack the media? They sense the media is being directed to remain silent. Are they to attack the experts? This routinely gets them shamed by the experts, ridiculed, and given demands to produce proof of which they speak. This leaves approaching the Kremlin or the White House or Parliament, screeching demands for the truth from the street, and everyone knows how that turns out. Thus, they remain irritable.

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