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ZetaTalk: Rotation Stops
Note: added during the May 3, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have stated that a quake will affect Southern California into the Sierras before the shift, and this has some wondering about the time frame. Where as we have stated we are not allowed to predict, with specifically, the location and timing of quakes, we can give some general guidelines. We have stated that during the week of rotation stoppage the Earth moans, the core attempting to turn and the crust locked by the grip of the approaching Planet X from the south. Do you not think this stress would have an effect on crust adjustments? Today, less than a month from the shift, the increased quake frequency and strength has reached the point of being noticeable to the general public. Yet the crust turns with the core, which is only slowed by seconds per day in its rotation. Imagine what a stopped rotation would do to stress in the crust. Today, the stretch along the Atlantic has trains derailing and sinkholes appearing in the continents along the Atlantic Rift. Today, the compression of the Pacific has more volcanoes active than in the memory of man, and slow and silent slippage of plates along the US West Coast not in the memory or man. Global quakes are becoming so frequent as to become the norm, now, where only months ago this was not the case.

So what will happen when rotation stoppage occurs? All these stress points will become greatly exacerbated. The stretch will increase so bridges will drop, one of their moorings losing. Cervices will appear in roadways. In the Pacific Rim, volcanoes that were only threatening will actively ooze, or blow. Places where there are fault lines known to be somewhat active will become a nightmare for those living there, endlessly shaking and causing pets and domestic animals as well as wildlife to run frantic from the signals they get from the strained earth. If the West Coast of North America is today experiencing a slow and silent quake, this means that a progressive slippage is already occurring. Place this into the context of an increased slippage, where the northern portion of the North American continent moves to the north, while the southern portion is locked! Do you think the Peninsula that is the Baja is positioned such by accident? This is a sign of a rift. And a rift means plates locked on either side, unable to move as one. Thus, during the week of rotation stoppage you will see many quakes, preceding the quakes of the shift, with ripping of rifts and the consequent effects in land released from stress.

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