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ZetaTalk: Magnetic Pulse
Note: added during the Mar 15, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Humans note how sensitive their electronic devices are to magnetic pulse, electric surge, and imagine horror during the shift to their tender bodies. After all, are nerve impulses not governed by electricity to some degree? Do sparks not numb the body part affected? Does electrocution not kill? The base misunderstanding here is the degree to which the crust shields life on the crust from the magnetic field of Earth. We have stated this already, in ZetaTalk, during early discussions on the extent the magnetic fields reach out into space. We have stated that humans think their magnetic field limited, as the crust shields them from the true force of the field. The field reaches out into space, flowing from one pole, wrapping around to the other pole, ignoring the crust surface in between. Thus, the field is extensive out in space, far reaching, as is the Sun's field. The crust, having been affected by many pole shifts with hardening magma pointing in all directions, buffers this. What evidence do worried humans have that magnetic pulse affects their body?

It is true that recent studies have determined that humans residing under high tension lines have an increased incidence of cancer. There are many reasons for this, other than the magnetic field that might be generated in the area, but let us just point out the differences between a high tension line, or being electrocuted, and being a body experiencing an Electro-Magnetic Pulse. Do you expect that the Earth will crackle with electricity to the extent that your body is when aside a current like a high tension line carries? This would be akin to being near a lighting strike, which seldom happens, and does indeed leave its mark on humans where the lighting passes through the body to some degree. Man does not have large magnets, outside of an electrical field! They have small compasses, small magnets, and huge electro-magnetic generators. Here you have the electric current flowing, confusing the issue.

During the pole shift, there will be a strong movement of the magnetic poles of the Earth, but this will not affect humans on Earth anymore than a human standing on the magnetic North and South poles today is affected. It is the giant magnet that is the core that cares, not humans on the crust. To the extend that a magnet inside human technology, or data, or sensitive instruments, receives a pulse, it will of course affect that technology just as data or magnetic components can be ruined when inspected before boarding a plane. Here again, we point out the difference between humans and magnetic technology! Do humans die when passing in front of inspection devices at the airport? No! Thus, protect your equipment, your data, if obsessed, but worry not about yourselves.

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