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ZetaTalk: Unhealthy Environs
Note: added during the Mar 15, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

It is only today, with antibiotics and replacements therapy, that the assumption is otherwise! This is an issue of an attitude, as death is not the end, and the same calm that accompanies a good-bye to an oldster at the end of a century of living should be in place for many illnesses and injuries. In fact, modern medicine often increases the pain a patient experiences, by prolonging the illness in favor of collecting insurance and pandering to any relative of the patient who demands that life goes on. Nature is not that unkind.

The answer here is to point to the positive side of the changes, not to be anxious about what is happening to the person as your anxiety will have a negative effect on the patient, and to accept what comes as what nature brings or what the person has decided for themselves. Beyond this, there are health affects from living in the wrong place. If downwind from a volcano, the ash will affect breathing and water quality, as well as the chance for any vegetation in the diet. The answer to this, is to move. If in an area subject to flooding, such that the feet are always wet, the body never dry, and one finds oneself wading through sewage, then move. We have stated that the atmosphere will be stripped away such that the clouds will be low for some years. This equates, to some degree, to less air to breath in high places. However, this is also offset by the rise in sea level, as this will push the remaining atmosphere up, thus recreating what most humans are familiar with. Few will be in the high mountain tops during the shift, such that they would be affected, in any case, by a drop in air pressure or oxygen availability.

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