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ZetaTalk: Preexisting Health
Note: added during the Mar 15, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The shift will present many with preexisting health problems with challenges. At the same time, many will find their health improved, and be surprised by this. most diseases have a psychological basis, a connection, as has often been born out by studies. Cancer, one of the prime killers, has such a strong psychological basis that it can literally be cured by the affected person simply deciding they want to live rather than die. Miraculous reversals, on the verge of death from cancer, are associated with the affected person making decisions to rid themselves of some burden, express their feelings, or make dramatic changes in their live. Doctors repeatedly state they are astonished that some humans they literally pronounce dead, survive, by the will to live alone. Others, expected to make a quick recovery, wilt and die. The immune system is hugely affected by the humans outlook, with depression bringing this down to the extent that the slightest illness can get a grip and take the person out! This is one reason for the increasing illness we have predicted at the start of ZetaTalk to be a symptom of the approaching pole shift, which is now so evident that people are astonished at the extent this is affecting cruise ships and the like.

There are, of course, many illnesses that take a toll on the body, damage the body, and no matter how hale the person might be later, how optimistic and enthused, the body simply is not able. Many examples are quick to anyone's mind:

What we have stated is that life should be viewed as life was 100 years ago, in industrialized countries, or as it is today in 3rd World countries. Many people are alive today, who would have died quickly in those times. Often death is viewed as a horror to be avoided, fought, but when it is clearly inevitable, or the person in pain, is welcomed. Do those at the bedside of a very aged person, perhaps 100 years old, unable to move about and scarcely able to understand where they are, have regrets? They say their good-byes, hold hands and weep a bit, treat the last days when family may gather as a type of family reunion, and nothing much more is made of this as it is expected that the end will occur. 100 years ago, in pre-industrial or pre-modern times, when surgery was rare, transplants unheard of, vaccinations not yet invented, and such items as insulin and bottled oxygen not available, many situations resulted in the same mind set. A child with appendicitis died, and the anxious parents were in fact relieved when pain no longer wracked the child. A broken limb resulting in infection and sepsis created a crisis and everyone knew the outcome, and all said their good-byes without hesitation.

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