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ZetaTalk: Some Countries
Note: added during the Feb 15, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Climate changes will affect the local plants and animals, insects, fish, bacteria in the soil, all life will be affected. Depending upon the pre-shift climate and conditions, and post-shift climate, all will die and be established eventually from migrations of seeds and traveling bugs and the like, or change gradually.

An example of a radical change that may explode into something the survivors welcome would be a desert, such as in Mexico, where rains will come and those areas not hard baked will flourish. This land is currently tropical, and will continue in that climate, but with more rain! Thus, the life there will not need adjusting, though life adapted to living in the desert may find itself stressed.
Another example of a radical change that would enhance life would be in Alaska, where permafrost and glaciers will melt so that year round vegetation can flourish. This will of course result at first in the local trees and brush becoming bothersome, and local bugs such as mosquitoes a horror. Thus, some time must pass before a near polar environment changes to become a proper tropical environment. But life will not get worse for the survivors, if they survive the hungry bears marauding, and those with the foresight to have seeds at hand may find themselves in a virtual paradise.
Another example of a climate to the advantage of the survivors are those lands abutting ocean fishing, who are already adjusted to some degree to fishing for food. All along the European coastlines there are such fishing villages, and as the water floods inland, they will find their expertise welcomed.
Siberia will flood, and where today fishing is not the primary source of food, those survivors who follow the water line into the hills will find those with fishing knowledge among them treasured, and find their struggle for food no worse than today when they have a harsh climate, a short summer, in which to grow their own crops. Hardy folk, used to gleaning what they can on their own, they will adapt and enjoy the new climate they find themselves in, the long coastline they can now explore, and the many peoples of the world they will encounter

Examples of climate changes that will spell death for survivors are of course in India, which will drown, and the Bulge of Brazil, which will freeze, or those trapped on islands that will go under the waves so they have no place to flee. Likewise, those living close to the new polar regions may find themselves devastated, if they are not prepared for the cold.

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