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ZetaTalk: Months Before
Note: added during the Feb 1, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

As can be sensed from the Earth changes that are already surprising scientists and weathermen, the Earth does not simply wait until the passage, until the moment of the shift, to begin expressing what it will do during the shift.

To prepare for what might happen to your locale, read the Scripted Drama page we have presented previously, and memorize this. Expect, in small part, what we have described for your locale to occur early, so you will not be surprised. If you are in an area that can be flooded, due to tides or a deluge, then mentally prepare for this. If you are in an area that has never experienced quakes, then read a book or watch a movie to get acquainted with what this is all about! If you have never had muddy water rise up in your plumbing, taking the city water supply for granted, and this suddenly happens because of Earth movements in your area, you have only yourself to blame for not having spare water at hand for such a situation! Rather than expecting someone to knock at your door and inform you when your life will not plod along as usual, take some responsibility for this!

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