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ZetaTalk: Magnetic Pulse
Note: added during the Dec 28, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Mankind's electrical equipment is sensitive to surges, brown-outs, and the many magnets used in their technology are affected by strong pulse. Will the pole shift, described as magnetic in nature, utterly destroy mankind’s technology, carefully packed? What should be remembered is that the pole shift does not change the force of the field in the Earth, does not change whatsoever the Sun which is oblivious to the passage. Solar Flares are exaggerated nowadays, as the Sun has been setup to be used as an excuse for the effects the Earth is currently experiencing from the approach of Planet X. We stated as early as 1995, when ZetaTalk began, that this was the case, the Sun setup for this role, and right on cue NASA et all issues statements that the solar cycle which was to end in 2000 was going to be a 14 year cycle, ending in 2003. How did they know this? No one ever challenges NASA, so this was never determined, but let us say that they made it up.

Go back into history, during all the solar cycles, and see what horrific effects were experienced. Did mankind lose his compasses? Hardly. There will be spotty Electro Magnetic Pulse, due to the core swirling, but this will be spotty, not universal. During discussions within Troubled Times on these matters, it was brought forth that there are shields, of copper wire or whatnot, that can protect against EMP. We would as general advice guard technology against shattering, being thrown or dropped. EMP is so unlikely, that if it does occur is likely not to have affected the technology over the hill, down the road, etc. After the shift, mankind will be picking up the pieces, working with what they have, and bartering with neighbors. This is just another bartering issue to consider.

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