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ZetaTalk: Death Rate
Note: added during the Dec 14, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The 90% die-off that we have predicted, as we have stated, will not occur simply because of the shift. Most will die because of depression, failure to thrive, sitting down with a slight injury and not eating or drinking, as occurs after all calamities. Mankind is used to limited calamities, where a single city suffers a quake, or a single family a devastating fire. In come the Red Cross, the rescue from neighboring towns, the assistance from neighbors. Global calamities are such that no area is prepared to go forth and rescue, and all sit and wait to be rescued. Thus, all sit and wait without rescue.

India will of course be affected massively, and has a high population density. Coastal cities, Hong Kong, Japan, LA, Paris, will be drown to a great extent. Cities near volcanoes, Mexico City, Japanese cities, Rome, will have heavy die-off from ash. The next highest die-off will be in heavily populated areas where feeding the survivors simply cannot be done. Anyone crawling from NYC will find themselves in suburbs, endless suburbs, with no expertise in gathering or growing food. Mexico City is likewise so afflicted, in the numbers it houses that cannot possible escape and dilute their numbers into the countryside, so as to feed themselves. The only food available will be each other, fellow survivors. The effect of climate change must be taken into consideration. Population along the current Bulge of Brazil will freeze, regardless of ability to survive otherwise. The Himalayas, though high and cold already, will become more cold due to their position in the new South Pole, and many will freeze there also.

In short, the highest ratio of survivors will be in rural areas where there is a low ratio of human survivor to land. Second, where the populace is used to foraging for themselves, not pampered and soft such as in suburbs of cities. Third, where inundation will not catch the populace unawares, as in remote Siberia, but where natural escape routes exist, such as in the Mississippi Valley. An additional consideration is the placement of elite bunkers, where the elite will attempt domination over the survivors. This is likely to diminish hope for all there, as the kind of infighting that will occur will be so disruptive of cooperative efforts, that all will go down together with the king-pin demanding his rights.

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