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ZetaTalk: Downwind
Note: added during the Dec 14, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

An analysis of where the volcanic ash will blow should be done in the following manner:

  1. The prevailing westerly will reinstitute themselves along the new Equator, curling away from the Equator as they do today, and returning. Take the globe produced by snipping Nancy's New Geo map and turn it under your gaze, and you will see where these winds will establish themselves.
  2. Volcanic ash lofts from the source, the volcano, and diminishes as it move upward. The heavier ash falls almost immediately, and does not loft. The lighter ash lofts, but gets disbursed.

Thus, those lands directly in the path of the prevailing westerly, in the curling from the Equator manner they develop, and the return to the Equator from higher altitudes they develop, can be expected to be heavily ashed. Those lands a long distance from such a direct path can expect to have cloudy skies, for high born ash, but no heavy delivery of ash to their land. We suggest that those concerned about this do their homework, as Nancy long ago produced, in the Troubled Times page on the Pole Shift, animated graphics showing this process.

Satellite View of 2008 (formerly Inactive) Chile Volcano Explosion

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