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ZetaTalk: Industrial Areas
Note: added during the Dec 14, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Industrial sites will not be pleasant during or after the shift. Tanks of chemicals, often dangerous or explosive if mixed, will rupture and mix, spewing death in the surrounding areas. Pooling in the area, even under the continuous drizzle expected and the hurricane force winds disbursing such chemical mix, they will be around for years, a stinking death pool. Such areas may be cleaned up in the Aftertime, depending upon the rules that the Council of Worlds imposes. This is dependent upon the orientation of the survivors in the area, as if solidly under the control of Service-to-Other leadership, such cleanup would be allowed. If not strongly under such leadership, or in the hands of Service-to-Self, then it would be considered a continuing lesson for those souls incarnated in the human survivors, and allowed to continue.

This is, of course, no different than existing situations today, where a quake or industrial accident causes such a mess. Industrial accidents, in developing countries where rules are relaxed and inhumane situation allowed to be imposed on the workers, are known today. The Texas/Mexican border has a high rate of birth defects due to the pollution rules being relaxed by the current President by Coup, who had the worse environmental record of any state in the Union. Thus, is it not that the Council is imposing pollution, but rather allowing the current human status quo to continue! We would most certainly advise would-be survivors to not be in the proximity of industrial areas, where such tanks are in evidence. It is no secret what chemicals are stored there, nor any secret what would occur if mixed! Obviously, the choice is to be elsewhere, especially since the jobs in these industries will be diminishing steadily going into the time of the shift. Move!

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