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ZetaTalk: Storing Fuel
Note: added during the Nov 30, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have stated that fossil fuels will soon run out, so should not be relied upon by survivors for the long term. We have also stated that refineries and storage tanks of oil and natural gas and gasoline will be broken and set afire during the shift, creating a holocaust for all nearby. Likewise gasoline stations, fuel pumps, and even tightly sealed tanks may rupture and leak, also a continuing danger for any nearby. Natural gaslines in streets will run fire along the street, setting houses ablaze where they would otherwise not be in such danger. Natural gas in lines under cities will cause explosions, setting the cities on fire and burning many trapped citizens in a painful death. We would advise all to do what Nancy did, which is to turn off the natural gas lines in the house, turn off at the street, and avoid gas cans or anything that can explode. What do you gain by a few cans of gas? A few hours of heat or light? And what do you stand to risk in exchange? Your life? A painful death to others? Since you are going to have to adjust to life without these explosive fuels in any case, and soon, learn to get along without them!

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