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ZetaTalk: Quake Swarms
Note: added during the Nov 30, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We predicted at the start of ZetaTalk that quakes would continue to Uptick, both in frequency and Richter, going into the shift, on a somewhat linear basis. We also predicted that this would be underplayed by the establishment, quakes in remote areas simply Not Reported or quakes under reported. This Occurred during the past two years, when it was noticed that the Richter reported by the USGS was less by almost a Richter. Then this year, 2002, it was noted that quakes were being dropped from the database altogether. At the same time, should one take the overall pulse of quakes from the USGS database, it looked within normal bounds. Thus, while the increase was in the range of small Richter quakes, and not affecting large cities, the USGS et al could get away with this. But there is a threshold, where the quakes are large enough to be noticed, and it is at this point that the public woke up. Were the swarm of quakes in San Francisco to be tiny, no one would even be aware there had been a swarm. Were the Richter of quakes not on the uptick to be low, the uptick could still be under reported. But the combination of larger Richter quakes, along with the increase in number, will not be overlooked by the public. Thus, this is not new, nor outside of what we have predicted, just noticeable now.

The significance relates to the pattern Nancy noted and laid out in her analysis a month or so ago - the quakes not only are now domino, or ricochet, but are in a pattern that shows the plate push during the shift! Nancy noted this in doing an analysis on large quakes, that not only were neighboring plates bumped, but the bump showed shift previews. A quake along Japan and Indonesia, which is compression of the Pacific related, did not only bump neighboring plates nearby, New Zealand, for instance. They reached across the Pacific, within the same day, and caused a compression quake there, in Alaska, for instance. The Pacific is already being compressed, although lightly compared to the shift results, but the weakness and route clearly showing. What is happening along the West Coast is that the Pacific plate is not moving under in heated subduction, causing mountain building, but is pushing up under Alaska, in the slip-slide motion known to be predominant on the West Coast of North America. Thus, those areas slipping and sliding now, along San Francisco and Oregon, are doing so, and will increase in this activity. Likewise, the Atlantic, as the UK and East Coast are aware, is stretching already, showing signs that this will be the route taken by this Rift during the shift. The African Rift is increasing in its lava oozing and quakes, and land bordering the Atlantic is finding their rail lines suddenly zigged or zagged. Read again our explanation of the Scripted Drama, along with the graphic Nancy prepared, and compare this to the quakes now noticeable. Is there not a relationship?

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