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ZetaTalk: Dark Side Clues
Note: added during the Nov 30, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have stated that when rotation stops, that humans will be so shocked, even if they do not acknowledge what is happening, that none of the wheels that drive commerce or business or utilities or government will operate in any degree. The bridge master, who must raise and lower a drawbridge, will leave his post, with the bridge up, so that cars cannot cross, or vice versa. Traffic lights will freeze, or fail to operate, such that the cross roads becomes a mess of beeping horns. Frightened individuals will stand in the way, arguing, red faced, over nothing, and refuse to be moved. Cars will run out of gas, being driven by frightened drivers to the point of sudden stop, and then be abandoned. This will leave the roadways clogged with endless problems, such that traffic does not move, on either the day or night side. If those on the Long Day side can anticipate having a clue, in that their morning clock will be out of sync with what they find outside, how will those on the long night side have a clue?

The answer, in both cases, is not to wait until that day when rotation actually stops, as the slowing is not sudden, in this matter. Rotation is already slowing to the point that moon phases are being noted, as odd. Clocks are forever, now, needing to be re-calibrated, but due to the weather being so strange, most have not thought this the most important oddity to concern themselves with. The week before rotation stoppage, there will be undeniable slowing, such that minutes a day are lost, then perhaps an hour a day. Should one be concerned about taking only that clue, to move to the high lands, there will be many clues. Earthquakes are now to the point where Outright Lying by the USGS is occurring, and noted. They underreport, and omit. But soon, these quakes will not just be numbers on the database, they will be large enough, and happening in places not used to quakes, such that cities will be affected. There will be many signs, in particular the large red object, growing larger, seen in the daylight, not a comet, not an asteroid, which do not have light sources within themselves, and unexplained by the establishment. So, in view of this, when rotation is slowed in a given day by several minutes, move!.

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