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ZetaTalk: Coast to Coast
Note: added during the Nov 30, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The Coast to Coast radio show, reaching on their estimate some 20 million listeners, has long been viewed as a way to spread disinformation and information by the establishment. During the Hale-Bopp episode, Art Bell could be counted upon to echo the establishment/NASA line, which he did, being none the wiser as to his role in spreading disinformation. Likewise, he regularly had on Ed Dames, a former CIA agent, and Hazelwood, the son of a close friend of Art's, also none the wiser that disinformation was or is being spread. To Art, or George for that matter, who are not personally privy to information sources nor themselves contactees, one wild line is the same as another, and the issue is keeping the audience rapt and coming back for more. But Art began to notice the relationship to earth changes and prophecy, which was evident to the regular listener who caught him repeatedly bringing the subject up. Still, since quakes and weather and even Global Warming or periodic climate changes are cited by the establishment as within normal swings, he did not buy into the Planet X and 2003 pole shift theory at all. George on the other hand is a more logical individual, as Nancy noted during her interview. He laid the information out for the audience, in a logical progression, as this is how his mind works! Thus, for himself personally and for the audience, they were arriving at the logical conclusions.

Both Art and George do not entirely chose their subject matter, nor their hosts. It should be no surprise for those working in large corporations, or major media, or working within clubs or associations, strings can and are pulled, though this is denied. In a large corporation, a CEO may pronounce a decision as his alone, when in fact the phone wires were burning with activity just prior to the announcement. In the major media, top executive and even major stockholders hold the calling card, can squelch a planned documentary or suggest subject matter. All the while, the host is claiming these are matters solely in their hands. And likewise, something as simple as pillow talk, or a golfing buddy making a tangential request, can result in a change in agenda. Thus, both Art and George were asked to address the Planet X issue, and George was asked to revisit this repeatedly as it is a hot internet item. The Coast to Coast listenership is a gabby sort, which is why they burn the midnight oil listening to interesting gab. As a result, the comments of the listeners get passed around a lot, and the grapevine being what it is, people at least are aware of our predictions, and the inbound planet being imaged. Thus, when this becomes the dominant obsession of all, due to seeing it in the skies, they will recall having heard about it, and go research! Thus, it is expected to have reached 35% of the American and Canadian populace, indirectly, no small feat!

By his closing remarks, George indicated he felt he would be having Nancy back in May 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation], to explain a failure, but this will soon change to a frequently, perhaps even weekly, schedule. Little time was spend on the ZetaTalk accuracy track record, so Nancy has spend a lot of time on email pointing this out to the skeptical. In future, we would like to see this issue given George's considerable logical analysis, as it is certainly due us, and ZetaTalk, and most importantly Nancy who has sacrificed so much for little respect.

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