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ZetaTalk: New Sources
Note: written Dec, 2002

Mankind today longs for free energy, and constantly talks about this. Consider that after the shift the tools needed for discovery of any new energy form will be hopelessly reduced. Mankind’s new energy will arrive in his lifetime if he is solidly Service-to-Other and is in a group controlled by those in this orientation. Then he will find he has high tech neighbors, or gifts, and life becomes very full of alternative energy sources. If he is not solidly Service-to-Other or in this environment, then he will live out his life in gloom, happily if he has learned to adapt without resentment, or sullenly. This is nothing new for mankind, who lives on all parts of the globe, including the gloomy Arctic, happily, having learned to adapt. And those sullen at having a comfort or toy removed are not new to mankind, or to life on this Earth.

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