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ZetaTalk: Beg to Die
Note: written Dec, 2002

Contrary to what the religious elite conveys, death is not resisted by those in great and intractable pain, who know they will not recover. In fact, at this point, humans invariably beg to be allowed to die. They sense their family and the medical profession, hovering about the bed, are wanting them to stay on, to be with them, not to leave, perhaps reluctant to allow the passage as they will miss the one begging for death, cannot imagine life without that beloved person, hope for a miracle recovery, or simply cannot admit defeat. But in these matters, the decision to end ones life or the timing of this should be in the hands of the individual, not family or medical profession and certainly not in the hands of the religious elite who assume they can control sex, birth and death, and independent thinking as part and parcel of their power trip. Whose life is it, anyway? We, the Service-to-Other Zetas, do not believe in being dictatorial to one another, but rather in empowering each other with knowledge. Regardless of the obvious outcome, we struggle endlessly to assist the individual who wants to live to survive. Likewise, if an individual has determined to end their existence, we do not thwart their efforts.

In times past, or in primitive countries where the miracle of modern medicine whereby a body can be sustained in horrific pain long past the point where nature intended, death is not a mystery. Severe pain does not exist except after an injury, and where too great causes a mental blackout. Women suffer the pain of childbirth, which is as great a pain as can be sustained without passing out, and this is not considered a dire problem by the establishment. Severe pain from injury results in the body passing out, going into shock, and dying if not treated. This is nature's answer to the situation. An injury that is minor results in pain when the affected part is moved, nature's way of forcing the injured to rest until healed. Internal injuries or those resulting in infection likewise proceed, in nature, to loss of consciousness from internal bleeding or going septic, both resulting in death. Depression, in those who must live with being maimed or who cannot accept their situation, naturally results in death as the depressed person simply stops eating and drinking, a painless and quiet end of allowed to proceed.

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