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ZetaTalk: Best Nutrition
Note: written Dec, 2002

Human nutrition, and alternative medicines such as herbs, is well enough understood by mankind that we can not provide any new insights. In general, eating a balanced diet and eating food raw where it does not carry disease provides the best nutrition. Small meals, eaten frequently, allows for better digestion. The starving body is more efficient at digestion than the overfed, which tends to dispense with a big meal as something to be rid of rather than processed. Humans who have been dictated to by their schools, medical profession, and salesmen for the food industry, have often turned off their natural sensors as to what to eat and how to treat their bodies. Small children, left to pick and chose what to eat from an array of healthy foods, will invariably select a balanced diet over a period of days, and will chose those foods that help their particular metabolism or biology, even without having a medical degree or being directed to do so. If cold weather is approaching, foods that will put on a layer of fat are selected. In hot weather, a lighter diet of salads and fruits is more appealing. These natural signals, which go beyond diet and into health in general, should be listened to. Go back to being a child, in listening to your body, which knows itself well!

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